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Get More From Your Management Team

TeamPerformanceImprovementMany senior managers and senior management teams are underperforming despite working hard in their jobs and in their businesses.

Long hours, passion and commitment are not the problem – there is no shortage of these and often the individual managers are highly competent in their roles.

But sometimes this hard work goes unrewarded and senior managers feel frustrated and directionless and the business is not reaching its objectives: it is as if the weeks, months and years go by and the same patterns repeat themselves.

The problem is often an under-performing management team.

Do you want to improve your Team's Performance?

Management Team Improvement

Cullinane Moretta can carry out a diagnosis on your entire management team (over a period of weeks) - as a team, not just a group of individuals - pinpointing the issues and detailing a programme of actions to deliver a high performance management team that gets results.
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Mediation Services

Mediation offers you a cost effective mechanism for dispute resolution, without the need to go to court and all of the associated costs. Mediation will usually result in a satisfactory outcome for both parties
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Case Study - Team Performance Improvement

Some high level facts about what is achievable.

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Mediation Case Studies

Employment Dispute

Employer and Employee resolved dispute where no communication was taking place

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Property Dispute

Property Dispute over sums in excess of €200,000 settled for less than €5,000, inclusive of all mediation costs

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