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A dispute over property management involved sums in excess of €200,000. The disputing parties were keen to resolve the matter but because of the sums involved, the dispute was heading for the High Court with legal fees set to run to tens of thousands of Euros with significant risks for the losing side.

The parties agreed to resolve their differences by mediation as an alternative to litigation in the courts.

The date for the mediation was set up within a matter of weeks (1 day was sufficient), the mediator agreed between parties and the parties invited to compile a 1 page submission (restricted to 1 page by the mediator) to the mediator.

The parties had private meetings with the mediator on the morning of mediation and agreed that a plenary session (both parties and mediator meeting together) would not be helpful to resolving the process.

Many of the most significant issues were resolved on the day leaving some minor issues to resolve after the mediation to bring the matter to an agreed settlement. The total cost of the mediation was less than €5,000 (this included hiring of meeting rooms) and this was divided equally between the parties.

Information about this case

Information about this case

Information about this case

An employee with many years service decided that he could no longer cope with the demands being placed upon him and was obliged to take sick leave due to a particularly stressful period at work. His relationship with his immediate supervisor had broken down to such an extent that communication between them was practically non-existent.

The employer and employee agreed to endeavour to try and resolve their issues using an agreed mediator. The date for mediation was agreed, the venue agreed and parties met with the mediator individually to outline the issues. The mediator subsequently met with the parties jointly and agreed a schedule of changes to work practices and agreed how additional supports would be available to the employee to do his work. The employee and his immediate supervisor both acknowledged (to each other) that the poor communication between them could not continue and that each of them would take steps to improve the communication e.g. a weekly 15 minute review of how matters were progressing.

A follow up joint meeting was held with the mediator was scheduled for 4 weeks later.